Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the Southwest’s leader in towing and vehicle storage services through embracing technology, development of internal efficiencies and further specialization within our business.  Our desire is to deliver solutions to our customers and do so by going beyond normal expectations.

How We Measure

The use of metrics for measuring critical success factors have been a key to our success.  Our business is built on response times, meaning the quicker we respond the more value we are delivering to our customers.  We feel this measure, in large part, allows us to deliver a greater return on investment to those who depend on our services.

Our Strategy

Vehicles and the need to have them towed will be a constant; however, we view our industry to be one of tremendous growth.  Our region’s exponential growth in the last decade coupled with the projected growth for years to follow has convinced us more business is available in the future for those who prepare in the present. This includes growth through acquisitions of established towing companies within not only Arizona but the entire Southwest region.

Keys To Success

Working smarter than the competition and utilizing best practices has translated into success for All City Towing.  Additionally, development of our current employees and harvesting new talent is of paramount importance to our future success.