Our Philosophy

The All City Towing philosophy is simple: raise the standards of our industry, promote community responsibility, provide prompt and professional services to our customers and become the recognized leader in the towing community.

We proactively work with and support elected officials regarding towing legislation and local towing ordinances. Specifically, our efforts within the City of Tempe community experiencing private property towing issues lead to what has been loosely termed as the “Towing Bill of Rights” – an education program directed at informing the public as to their rights after having been towed.  We also communicate regularly with local law enforcement agencies on investigations, notifications of suspicious activity and industry specific information so as to assist them with their own education programs.

Our employee training program is very progressive as well.  All City Towing holds a  yearly “Tow Truck Rodeo” where employees are tested, trained and awarded on how quickly and safely they can tow a rolled vehicle, tow without damage during a peculiar accident scene, or how quickly they can clear an accident scene, etc.  We invite local law enforcement to also attend and provide feedback as well.  This has been a tremendously successful event for building morale and camaraderie within our company.