Been In An Accident?

Looking to avoid the hassle of deciphering why someone else is trying to tell you where and how a vehicle you own should be repaired? You won it and it’s always your choice, regardless of what anyone else indicates.

Have Your Vehicle Towed to the Repair Shop Of Your Choice

Most people aren’t aware of the facts. As the registered owner, you have complete control where your vehicle is repaired following a collision. Whatever your decision, we can take your vehicle wherever you would like, just say where, and we’ll deliver it there!

Request A Re-Tow

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    At Fault? Liability Only? No Insurance?

    We pay top dollar for all cars – new, used, damaged, running or not! We understand that times get tough and sometimes accidents happen. We also understand that when your car is in a wreck, the need for getting a new one is immediate. We can help! If you don’t have collision coverage or the other insurance company involved blames you for the accident, we can buy your car and reduce or even eliminate your towing and storage charges.

    We Answer The Call

    • Light Duty towing valleywide
    • Heavy Duty towing & transport statewide and beyond
    • 5 storage facilities across the valley
    • Live call center with 24/7 response
    • A fleet of over 60 service units standing by
    • A team of over 100 trained experts ready to help
    • Specialized Heavy Duty response team
    28 years of serving Arizona and 5 locations