Specialized Transportation

When you need to move machinery and large equipment, call ACT Towing for Heavy Duty transport services anywhere in the state of Arizona. We can pick up and deliver everything that your business relies on that is heavy, oversized and important to its next local or national destination. Our fleet is among the largest in Arizona and our professional Heavy Duty response team can handle the most challenging projects and circumstances.

Specialized Capabilities

Specialized Transportation services are available across Arizona for emergency and non-emergency situations:

  • Heavy Duty Moving & Transport
  • Lifting & Decking
  • Specialized Towing & Transport
  • Large Equipment Storage

We Answer The Call

  • Light Duty towing valleywide
  • Heavy Duty towing & transport statewide and beyond
  • 5 storage facilities across the valley
  • Live call center with 24/7 response
  • A fleet of over 60 service units standing by
  • A team of over 100 trained experts ready to help
  • Specialized Heavy Duty response team
28 years of serving Arizona and 5 locations